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Custom Websites

Your business is unique and needs a website tailored to your specific market strengths. Our quality, custom websites will give your business a competitive edge without breaking the bank.

Additional Keywords

These informative words are used in an information retrieval system to indicate the content of a website. Basically, search engines use these to ‘read’ your website.

Competitor Research

A meticulous study into competitors’ resources, strengths, weaknesses, reputation, etc. used to help outline a business’s short and long term marketing plans.

Contact Form

This is a way for visitors to easily and quickly send questions or request information and can include fields for their name, email address, phone number and more.

Custom Photography

Pictures taken of a particular business’s or organization’s locations, products, services, employees, and customers, helping humanize it all for consumers.

Domain Name

The part of a network address identifying it as belonging to a specific domain.  An example would be

Draft Copy

A preliminary version of all words that are to be placed on the website. The copy describes things such as the business’s leadership, its products, and more.

E-Commerce Store

This is where commercial transactions are conducted on a website. Basically, it’s your 'storefront' on the Internet.

Email Collection Tool

This powerful gadget is carefully designed to motivate the website’s visitors to submit their email address (and other info) to a email distribution list.

Email Template

A preset email formatted with expert design and customized with the branding of a particular business or organization.

Google Analytics

This powerful tool will track all traffic to a website and assemble evaluation reports, providing insight into what’s working and what’s falling short.

Google Listing

With one these, your business or organization information (i.e. website link, directions, reviews, etc.) will appear among the results on Google.

Mobile Responsive Coding

A web design tactic that auto-adjusts sites to fit any screen. In layman’s terms, your website won’t look shrunk and out-of-whack on cell phones.

Payment/Donation System

Allows people to send money via a website. With more people than ever shopping and paying bills online, this is a critical part of a site’s success.

Shopping Cart

Like a cart shoppers use in brick-and-mortar stores, this online cart holds products and services for customers until they’re ready to checkout and pay.

Social Media Integration

A process that ensures a website and all its social media platforms are uniform in branding (i.e. imagery, colors, etc.) and general info (i.e. contact info, hours, etc.).

Stock Photos & Artwork

People like looking at beautiful pictures and designs. These high-resolution, royalty-free photos and artwork give websites a professional, superior look.

Upkeep MetisXYZ Website SEO Webmaster Graphic Design North Carolina


In order to see any real results, websites must be properly maintained and consistently updated with fresh content. We take care of that so you can stay focused on running your business and providing great customer service.

Basic SEO Maintenance

 This process maximizes the number of visitors to a website by ensuring the website appears high on the list of results generated by search engines like Google.

Bulk Email Execution

 We assume this task for businesses and organizations and use expert methods to draft the content, distribute the email, and provide a detailed analysis report.

Custom Email Address

 These help provide a more professional look. Powered by G-Suite (Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, etc.), they’ll work seamlessly across all devices and locations.

Draft Blogs

 Every blog contains original, researched content that's customized to fit the branding of each client's website. Each includes 2,000+ words and 5 keywords.

Local Listings Service

 This builds a stronger online presence using the top 50 directories. Includes monthly reputation protection, citation cleanup, GPS updates, and more!

Routine Maintenance

Visiting a website that isn't working properly is like visiting a store whose credit card machines are down. We make sure your website is always performing as it should.

Secure Server Hosting

 Like a security system in a building, each website and its contents are hosted on protected servers that are closely monitored and safeguarded.

Tech Modification

Sometimes websites need some design alterations to accommodate things like new products or marketing campaigns. If needed, the MetisXYZ team is here to handle it.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Bandwidth measures the maximum amount of data that can be transferred per second from a server to a device’s screen. Some developers limit this. We don’t.

Unlimited Storage Space

A lot of developers limit the amount of data allowed on your website. We think that's just as annoying as when cell phone carriers limit monthly data usage.

SEO MetisXYZ Website SEO Webmaster Graphic Design North Carolina

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a complex, time intensive process needed for websites to rank high on search engines. While our Upkeep Plans include the basic actions critical for positive SEO results, we offer these options for those of you wanting a more aggressive SEO strategy.

Research & Analysis

Just like a health physical, a routine check-up is necessary for every website. This process typically takes about 3-4 weeks and may include things such as: In-Depth Site Evaluation • Content Duplicity Check • Backlinks Assessment • Google Penalty Examination • Competitor Review • Market Enquiry • Page Speed Testing • Keyword Compilation

Short Projects

If the website wasn’t built by MetisXYZ, a short-term project may be necessary to bring everything up to “code”. Depending on the website, a project like this usually takes 2-3 months to complete. Action items may include the following: Title & Meta Tags Adjustment • Content Restructuring • Page Speed Optimization • HTML Coding Cleanup • Internal Link Structuring • 301 Direct Setup  • Image & Hyperlink Update  • Sitemap Creation • Google Analytics Integration

Ongoing Work

Once everything is ship-shape, it’s very important to maintain a steady drumbeat of activity in order to increase the website’s SEO. This does take time and patience. Therefore, a minimum commitment of 8 months is required. If after that time you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund all 8 months of fees.

At the end of every month, we’ll submit reports outlining the site’s search engine ranking, SEO progress, analytics review, the last month’s activity, and an action plan for the next month. Monthly action items may include: Increased Blog Frequency • Educational Content • Press Releases • Guest Blog Outreach • Earned Media Placement • Informational Graphics • Google Adwords • Social Bookmarks, Posts, & Ads • Web Videos

Design MetisXYZ Website SEO Webmaster Graphic Design North Carolina

General Design

We offer a full range of graphic design services for both electronic and print media. As our client, you'll receive not only a quality product but also the personal care your business needs and deserves.


From colors and fonts to imagery and tone, we’ll help you establish a branding that’ll help your business or organization stand out from the rest.


Want to liven up your social media accounts’ graphic designs? Or maybe construct an e-book for your audience? Our team can help!


Make surveys and subscriptions fun, fast, and easy for your audience. Our designs gather all needed info without looking like another boring form.


Everybody wants a professional logo that makes his or her business or organization stand out from the competition. We’ll create one that does just that.


With everything from business cards to direct mail, our professional team will design and print beautiful, effective materials to help you achieve success.


More and more people prefer viewing videos over reading so let our team put together top quality, memorable footage for you!