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question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designWhat is the process and timeframe for a website to be designed and constructed?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designThe timeframes dependent on the website size and scope of work needed. However, the most common timetable allows 6-12 weeks for full execution.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designHow is the Website Design & Construction price quote determined?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designMuch thought goes into determining our price quotes with the two prevailing factors being complexity and time. Our team works to meet all your business or organization needs while staying within your desired budget.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designWhen does the Website Design & Construction payment need to be made?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designOnce you have approved a proposal, a 50% deposit is required in order for work to commence. Once everything is complete, the remaining 50% is needed before launch and access is given to the website and social media accounts.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designCan the Website Design & Construction payment be paid over time?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designIt’s our goal to find solutions that fit everyone’s needs so we’re happy to work with our clients on payment options.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designIs an Upkeep Plan required?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designIn order to get the most out of your new website and ensure it produces results, we require an Upkeep Plan. There are many beautiful websites never visited by consumers because they aren’t maintained properly. We don’t want that to happen to you.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designIs a new website design and construction required with an Upkeep Plan?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designNot necessarily. If you already have a website, we'll review it to determine if it needs to be updated or redesigned altogether. To get an idea on if you need a new website, click here to take our short quiz!

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designAre there any special deals or discounts?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designAbsolutely! We have several discounts for both new and existing clients. Click here to view our existing offers.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designWhen do payments for the Maintenance Plan start?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designThe first Maintenance Plan set within 10 days of launch on a date of your choosing. Automatic payments are required and the date can always be changed if needed.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designCan I choose a specific date be set for Maintenance Plan payment?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designOf course you can! And if needed, you can always change it later on down the road.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designDo we have any input on the blog topics and content?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designDefinitely! We'll make suggestions on topics and content but you have final say. Blogs won't be published until we have your approval.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designAre there any contracts are required?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designInstead of forcing you to accept a “Terms & Condition” policy, we have signed contracts. This allows for negotiation and protects everyone.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designWhat forms of payment are accepted?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designWe accept major credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, & Diners Club. We also accept certified checks and bank drafts.

question-north-carolina-website-graphic-designWhat access and rights do we have to the website and social media accounts?

answer-north-carolina-website-graphic-designYou have access to the website and social media accounts. Any content such as photography, artwork and copy that you produce is yours. We do not own it nor do have the right to share with others.