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Our Vision: Truly empower people to grow and succeed online.

MetisXYZ is a North Carolina based web design and digital marketing company. This is a fancy way of saying we build custom websites, maintain them year round, and assist businesses and organizations gain a strong online presence.  And we do this all without destroying people’s budgets.

For years, people have had only two options: spend thousands of dollars on a website and thousands more driving traffic to it or do it all themselves with little or no experience in digital media. MetisXYZ serves to provide people with a third option: quality, custom websites and expert support for an honest price.

Guarantee MetisXYZ Website SEO Webmaster Graphic Design North Carolina

Our Mission: Bring honesty and quality back to digital marketing for a fair price.

Building an online presence takes time and dedication. Our work has been tested and proven to generate results and we're confident you'll agree. But if after 6-months, you haven't seen any results from our services, we'll upgrade you absolutely free as well as waive all charges for another 2-months. We want you to feel confident that we're committed to your online success.

“I've seen designers build websites for their clients that could cost over $10,000 without maintenance or advice. I was tired of seeing the lack of quality and transparency in the business. So, I thought, let’s make it easier. Let’s build quality and custom websites that people deserve.”

Chris grew up in Cramerton, North Carolina and has worked in government affairs and public relations for over five years, specializing in communications and strategic outreach. He’s happiest when he’s spending time with his daughter, Payton, thinking of new business strategies, and relaxing with a good movie or show (The West Wing will do just fine). As our Founder, Chris visualizes innovative ways to bring quality to your organization’s online presence and facilitates company procedures. Think of him as our “big-picture guy.”

“I like to think of coding as the framework of a house. You can pick out the paint colors, the furniture, and the appliances, but you don’t have a sound home until the foundation and framing are built. And that can be hard. So, we do that for you and that frees up time for you to focus on running your organization.”

Erik grew up in Asheboro, North Carolina and attended Randolph Early College, specializing in sciences. He’s always had a passion for all things technical and is happiest when he’s using interactive electronics, spending time with his grandmother, and reading up on Asian history with hopes of travelling to Japan and China. As our managing director, Erik oversees day-to-day operations and writes code for our sites.